Hot Rolled Steel Sheet (HRP&O)

hot rolled steel

Hot rolled steel is generally used in parts where rust proofing is not critical. There are processes that allow hot rolled sheets to prevent rust as well. This process is called HRP&O - Hot rolled pickled and oiled. During the pickling process an acidic solution is used to remove contaminants and other unwanted elements such as stains and rust. Once this pickling process is complete the acid is rinsed off and dried. Once finished drying we then apply a thin film of oil to the steel to prevent it from rusting.

Pickling and oiling improves hot-rolled durability and workablility at a low cost. It provides a cleaner surface hot rolled product suitable for painting with a limited barrier to rust formation. It is an all purpose steel product used for roll-formed shapes, pipe, tubing, industrial storage racks, automotive and other stampings, air compressor housings, filter housings, agricultural equipment, package strapping, and much more.

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  • "Pickled" to remove scale
  • Oiled to guard against rust


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