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Galvanized Coil and Sheet Steel Supplier

One of the primary industries we serve is the HVAC industry.  Every HVAC system is comprised of air ducts, or duct work, which can be made with slit steel coil or steel sheets. Quality metal ductwork is essential for an efficient distribution of heated or cooled air throughout residential or commercial buildings. We can provide the slit steel coil or sheets to make the metal ductwork. 

From equipment manufacturers to small service companies, Curtis Steel has been committed to serving the HVAC industry for over 40 years.  With coil and sheet stock sizes in 36”, 48”, and 60” widths, we strive to maintain the sizes you need for immediate pick up or delivery.  In addition, spiral pipe coils, hanging strap coils, turning vane coils, and coils for automatic duct lines are kept “on the floor”. We can produce custom sizes to reduce waste, and can even supply “beaded” sheets if necessary.  Whether you need a few sheets or a few truckloads, our experienced sales team stands ready to assist you. Contact us today for your HVAC needs! 

What Material Types Are Used for Galvanized Coil and Sheet Steel?

  • Commercial Steel (CS Types A, B, and C)
  • Forming Steel (FS Types A and B)
  • Deep Drawing Steel (DDS Types A and C)
  • Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS)
  • Structural Steel (SS) – further designated by Grades (33,37,40,50,80)
  • High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLAS)

What are the advantages to using galvanized sheet metal and coil for HVAC Systems?

  • Thick sold material creates long term durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reduce corrosion with rust resistant zinc coating
  • Better Insulation
  • Reduction in overall system costs
  • Design flexibility
  • Adhesion and weldability

What are your steel coil slitting capabilities?

Coil slitting is offered on our high speed 60" Braner slitting line. With the ability to process coils ranging in thickness from .010" to .1875", and in widths up to 60", Curtis Steel welcomes the opportunity to provide all your slit coil needs. With speeds up to 1000 fpm, the 3-head "turret" gives us the flexibility to make quick set-ups and keep our lead-times short.

What are your custom processed steel sheet equipment capabilities?

Custom processed sheets are available on any one of our precision shearing, multi-blanking and leveling lines including our new high speed 72" multi-cut blanking line from Red Bud Industries. This line features Red Bud’s "High Speed Dual Action Grip Feed" producing sheets and blanks with tolerances of +/- .005". The line also features an automatic skid loader, Continuous Auto Stacker, and Red Bud’s "Skid Sorting System" making custom blanks and sheets no problem.

Other equipment includes a 60" Strilich multi-blanking line equipped with a Bradbury hydraulic leveler, a ¼” x 72” Cincinnati leveling line capable of cutting lengths up to 22 feet, and a 12 foot Cincinnati shearing line. With over four decades of processing experience under our belt, our experienced, quality focused operators are ready to produce orders to your exact specifications!

Why use galvanized sheet metal for HVAC system design?

Fabricated sheet metal allows metal to bend into the desired shape. This allows individual pieces to fit together. The thick solid wall makes ducts very durable. In addition to using galvanized steel for building ducts, the materials zinc coating helps prevent corrosion and rust buildup in HVAC systems.

What are your galvanized coiled and sheet steel stock sizes?

Galvanized Coils

36” 16 - 28
48” 16 - 28
60” 16 - 26

Galvanized Steel Table

Product-Coated: Hot Dipped Galvanized | ASTM:A653 | Grade: CS-B | Surface:Min Spangle | Treatment: CT-DryG6028GA (.0217 MAX - .0157 MIN)364860G3030GA (.0187 MAX - .0127 MIN)3648***

G90 10GA (.1472 MAX - .1292 MIN) *** 48 60
  11GA (.1323 MAX - .1143 Min) *** 48 60
  12GA (.1174 MAX - .0994 MIN) *** 48 60
  13GA (.1014 MAX - .0854 MIN) *** 48 60
  14GA (.0865 MAX - .0705 MIN) 36 48 60
  16GA (.0696 MAX - .0575 MIN) 36 48 60
  18GA (.0566 MAX - .0466 MIN) 36 48 60
  20GA (.0506 MAX - .0356 MIN) 36 48 60
  22GA (.0436 MAX - .0296 MIN) 36 48 60
  24GA (.0316 MAX - .0236 MIN) 36 48 60
  26GA (.0247 MAX - .0187 MIN) 36 48 60