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Steel Processing Slitting Services

At Curtis Steel Company, LLC, we’re an industry leader in steel distribution and processing. Find a complete range of sheet metal processing services for galvanized, stainless, hot-rolled, and other tight-tolerance sheet metal products. Our team provides precise results for commercial and industrial cut-to-length applications.

steel processing & slitting services

What Is Sheet Metal Steel Processing?

Raw steel goes through several processes to become a high-grade finished product in automotive and aerospace, dry goods manufacturing, and construction applications.

Primary processing converts bulk steel coils or sheets into smaller sizes, such as strips, rounds, and extruded products. Sheet metal slitting and shearing are two methods of forming steel shapes.

Secondary processing focuses on the chemical properties of the material. For example, bonderized steel (optimal for painted metal applications) involves giving galvanized steel a phosphate bath and drying with chromate.

Why Choose Our Sheet Metal Slitting and Processing Services?

Our sheet metal processing services create steel products that meet your project specifications precisely.

In-House Steel Processing

We perform all steel processing services at our large sheet metal distribution and processing facility. By eliminating the need for third-party processing, we eliminate the middleman and save your business time and money.

Custom Processing Services

Our wide range of cutting-edge steel processing machinery means we can adapt to your project’s specific needs. Any of our tight-tolerance leveling, multi-blanking, and shearing lines can create customized sheet metal forms.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We invest in high-performance equipment for maximum quality, such as:

  • Red Bud Industries 72-inch multi-cut blanking equipment and continuous auto stacker system
  • Braner 60-inch steel slitting line
  • Bradbury hydraulic leveler
  • Cincinnati 12-foot shearing line
  • Cincinnati 22-foot cutter

Our high-tech steel processing machinery supports speed and precision for short lead times.

What Sheet Metal Processing Services Do We Offer?

We provide extensive steel processing options for our clients:

  • Steel coil slitting
  • Shearing
  • Multi-blanking
  • Leveling
  • Cropping
  • Cut-to-length services

We can help your business select the right type of processing for your goals. For example, our sheet metal cropping services offer accurate, clean cuts for greater project flexibility, minimal waste, and efficient operations.

What Types of Metal and Metal Products Are Compatible With Processing?

Common materials for steel processing include:

We also offer processing for hot-dip Galvalume and HRP&O steel.

Over 40 Years of Industry Expertise

For more than four decades, we’ve created durable steel products for general contractors, HVAC professionals, metalworking shops, roofing companies, and many other industries. Our sheet metal processing services deliver exceptional quality, streamlining your operations and providing excellent finished results. Request a quote online or call (800) 749-4621 for more details.